Emergency Services

At Horizon Dental Arts, we understand how dental emergencies can occur at the most inconvenient times, either after most dental offices have closed for the day or weekend or if your dentist is not available. Having a dental emergency, especially when you are in a lot of pain, can be very stressful and difficult. That’s why we are committed to helping those in our community that are in need of dental help, whether you are a regular patient of ours or not. We will do our best to fit you in and provide you with the best care to alleviate your pain and hopefully save your tooth. 

When you have a dental emergency, you do not usually have time to do the thorough research that you might normally do when you are selecting a dentist. To be prepared for such emergencies, it is best to have the contact information on hand for a trustworthy dentist that can accommodate emergency situations. Horizon Dental Arts is that dental office!

Dr. Angelica Iancu has years of specialized training and experience to get you through any type of dental emergency you may have. Whether a toothache has flared up, a tooth or filling has come loose, or a more complicated situation needs attention, Dr. Iancu and her team can address it quickly and efficiently in order to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. We offer same-day appointments for emergencies so you don’t have to wait to get help.

For any dental emergency that arises, we are here to help you! We are conveniently located in Brooklyn and our team is happy to accommodate your schedule as best we can and help restore your oral health. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!