Laser Dentistry

With advancing technology, a number of medical fields are now using lasers for a variety of treatments, including the field of dentistry. A laser is a very focused light beam that can be used to remove or alter a small amount of tissue. Lasers can also be used to clear an infection deep in the jaw bones, reshape the gums, whiten teeth or reduce overgrown tissues. 

Using lasers allows treatment without cutting or bleeding, without any drilling or drill sounds, with no sutures and with faster healing and less postoperative discomfort. Laser treatments also help to preserve the healthy parts of the gums and only target the inflammation. 

Laser Away Inflammation and Bad Breath

At Horizon Dental Arts, our experienced dentists use lasers to kill bacteria that is living in the gums and bone structure of the mouth causing gum (or periodontal) disease. The accumulation of bacteria in the mouth and gums can cause:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Inflamed gums
  • Bad breath or mild halitosis

Our patients who receive laser treatments to get rid of these symptoms of gum disease are astonished with the results. They also see far less recurrence of an infection than with traditional surgery for gum disease.

After your laser treatment, the dentist will give you instructions for ensuring good results from the procedure. Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine after undergoing laser treatment is critical to avoiding a recurrence of inflammation and gum disease.

At Horizon Dental Arts, we use the most advanced dental technology to help you achieve optimal oral health. From regular cleanings to laser treatments, we are able to address just about any dental situation you may have, with the care and compassion that you deserve! Contact our office to schedule an appointment today!