Pediatric Services

At Horizon Dental Arts, we provide dental care for children of all ages. It is important to begin your child’s dental care when their teeth and gums are developing. Our exams, cleanings, and other treatments are gentle, and we make the process fun so your child will remember us in a good light and willing to come back for their regular visits.

Ensuring Your Child’s Oral Health

We usually recommend that children begin seeing the dentist around two years of age. It is beneficial for your child to become familiar with routine visits to the dentist to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth. Your child’s first visit to Horizon Dental Arts, will consist of an examination and x-rays to evaluate the health of their teeth, gums, and bone structure. The dentist will also look for any possible problems with misalignment or bite issues that may require orthodontic correction. After the exam, we will do a gentle cleaning of your child’s teeth using flavored toothpaste and quieter instruments.

Teaching Oral Hygiene Habits

Regular visits to our office for preventive care will start your child early in caring for their own oral health. In addition to regular cleanings, we teach children how to brush their teeth correctly and we can help determine the right time to begin flossing. Parents should make sure to instill proper oral hygiene habits at home by taking an active role in helping your child brush and floss daily.  

A Healthy Smile for the Future 

At Horizon Dental Arts, we are passionate about ensuring your entire family’s teeth and smiles are healthy throughout their lives. From your child’s first appointment, we hope to establish a good experience at the dentist so they are always excited to come back and see us again. Please contact our office to schedule and appointment today!